Hello Gorgeous,

I love working with women and helping them look and feel beautiful.  It's such a good feeling to see a woman look at herself in the mirror and smile at her reflection.  It's the best compliment I can receive as a beauty expert.

I'm quite sure I was born with my passion for beauty.  I begged and pleaded for earrings when I was 3 years old.  I concocted hair conditioners and face masks from recipes I found in my mothers Redbook magazines at age 8 (It would have been so helpful if YouTube tutorials were around back then).  Boy, did I get in big trouble for using all the eggs and oils in my Mom's pantry!  Nowadays, these are called DIY and you're considered "creative" if you do this.  My parents, however, would have disagreed.

For the last 12 years, I have been building Blush Beauty Lounge with services and products that I love and make me feel pretty.  The way I've designed my menu of service and product offerings is a direct reflection of my "go-to" beauty essentials.  I love being able to customize a beauty repertoire for every single one of my clients.  And because I'm appointment only, I am able to give my clients undivided attention in a private, cozy environment.  It's personal, you know?  There's not one woman that doesn't leave without a hug and a smile.     

I look forward to meeting you in person and making you look and , most importantly, feel beautiful.