Microblading...All your questions answered!

If we haven't met, you should know that I am a brow fanatic! And if you haven't followed me on instagram (wait! Are you not following me on Insta? You should! @blush_beauty_lounge) come on over and check out all the pretty brow pictures! And if you don't know about microblading yet, keep reading.

What is microblading

It's kinda like brow magic! It's a semi-permanent brow enhancement. It's performed by creating small hair strokes through the brow. A tiny set of needles (that looks like a blade if you're not looking close, hence the name microblading) makes small incisions into the skin and pigment is deposited. Same as a tattoo except it does not reach the depth as a standard body tattoo, thus being semi-permanent (18-24 months) and slowly fading out. 

Does it hurt?

Oh boy! Can I file this under frequently asked questions?! Everyone has a different level of pain tolerance and how they react to numbing agents. I try my hardest to get my clients as numb as possible.  I wish I could tell you that you feel nothing, and I do have some clients that tell me that.  However I would expect to feel a little pressure.  I will take extra time numbing clients that still have some sensitivity towards the procedure.  But in the end, beauty is painful! hahaha!

How does the procedure work?

We'll spend some time talking over pigment colors.  I typically ask my clients to bring in a brow pencil/powder/gel that they love.  Don't have one? No problem.  I'll analyze your brow color and present you with options.  From there, I will do a little brow mapping and measuring and draw the brow on with a pencil.  We will agree to a shape and then start the procedure.  I hate rushing my consultations so please plan on 45 mins for this time.  It's your money maker.  Everything has to be perfect!  The actual procedure takes an additional 45 minutes.  Then the BIG REVEAL! You'll be so happy, hug me, and then we'll take some brow selfies. Fun, right?!

A little more about my technique

Every brow artist has a different approach.  Like anything I do, I like to keep it natural.  I try to use all of your natural brow hair and just added more where needed.  I like my clients to look and feel like a better brow version of themselves!

What to expect post-procedure

This is always the kicker but I just cut into your face so let's prepare you adequately........First couple of days....whoa! Bold brows! The color is setting in and your skin is healing.  Have you ever watched a wound heal? It gets darker before it heals so prepare for the brows to be 40-50% darker that first week.  My already-bladed brow clients are all shaking their heads "yes" as they are reading this! Some even go into panic and call me everyday to make sure.  That's totally fine, we'll get through it together! I personally loved mine during the healing process.  They were darker and crisp. I would pass a mirror (ok, I may have stared at myself in ANY mirror!) and point to myself in the mirror and say "strong brow game, Jame"! For those of you who don't appreciate a bossy brow, they do fade.  Small scabs form on the incisions and then flake off.  Just like any cut on the skin.  During this time you cannot get them wet.  Or get sweaty! The saline in our sweat pushes pigment out of the skin and we're trying to get that brow on lock-down.  As far as getting them wet, no bueno.  I prefer a dry healing technique.  This prevents any and all infection.  In six weeks, we'll have another date and I'll touch up any existing strokes that may have faded out.  It happens.  The body recognizes pigment as a foreign substance and will try to push it out.  Sometimes it wins.  So a 6 week touch up is necessary to do any tweaking. 

I look forward to giving you the most fabulous brows on the beach! Call or email me for booking.  Online booking is not available for this service.



Blush Now Carrying Makeup! Whaaaaat?!

You've been asking and I've been trying for two years to find a makeup line I can endorse. At last, my dear beauties, I discovered Jouer Cosmetics (it's french for "to play"). And who doesn't like to play in makeup? It's the makeup that's perfect for the beach girl, the busy mom, the outdoor enthusiast, and everyday woman, just like us. It's light. It's pretty. And best of all, easy to apply. Here are some of my favorite products (I'll go into detail on them in the next post). I've also added makeup lessons per ya'lls request! Best of all, it's redeemable in product!

Vitamin C- The Ultimate Pretty Juice

Hello Beauties!
Let's chat skin.  Because now is the time that all my lovelies want to work on getting their glow back. Let's chat Vitamin C.

I've been asked before if I could chose one product to implement into a skincare regime where you (and most importantly, your friends) notice a change, what would it be?  And I keep going back to Vitamin C.  I'll sometimes refer to it as pretty juice.

Here's why. 

  • Free Radicals- that's anything in the environment that makes your skin ugly: pollution, smoking, radiation (UV), medication, processed foods, etc.  Vitamin C helps prevent skin damage from these dudes . 

  • Tyrosinase Inhibitor-  Vitamin C acts as a tyrosinase inhibitor (huh? what's this?).  This simply means that it blocks the production of melanin (a.k.a. sun spots, melasma, any sort of hyper-pigmentation).  We want this.  It makes are skin tone clear, even, and pretty.  Muy beueno.

There are multiple forms of vitamin C. Sometimes they can be irritating to the skin and vary in strength.  Do your homework.  The Vitamin C we carry at Blush is in a hyaluronic acid base. This means that it's less irritable on this skin.  It's also made with magnesium which the skin recognizes and therefore, can process the C more effectively.  If you're allergic to citrus, this is probably not a good option! But for everyone else, go get your pretty juice. 

Listen June, you're melting my pot rouge

It's happened again.  I've left my makeup in the car and it's June in Florida.  I'm known to not be very organized with my belongings and even makeup, my favorite toy, is no different.  I have a tendency to leave makeup all over my car, or, more accurately, in my center console ready to be reapplied as I'm driving down the road (you never know when there's a blush emergency).  As you can imagine, I was heartbroken when I opened my Bobbi Brown Raspberry pot rouge and found it melted and seeping out of it's container.  I picked it up, cleaned it up, and back to my car she goes (I'm kidding! I'm trying to be better).  Here's a few quick tips to salvage your melted cream blush or lipstick:

1.  Scoop the contents of the product from the lid or anywhere else it's melted, and place back into the makeup well. 


2.  Smooth the product into the well and clean up the rim of the case with a wet wipe. You may need to use a q-tip to make sure you clean in the cracks thoroughly. Make sure to clean around the latch as well.

3.  Place in the fridge for 24 hours next to the wine so you won't forget where you put it! And for goodness sake! Stop leaving your makeup in the car in June!