Listen June, you're melting my pot rouge

It's happened again.  I've left my makeup in the car and it's June in Florida.  I'm known to not be very organized with my belongings and even makeup, my favorite toy, is no different.  I have a tendency to leave makeup all over my car, or, more accurately, in my center console ready to be reapplied as I'm driving down the road (you never know when there's a blush emergency).  As you can imagine, I was heartbroken when I opened my Bobbi Brown Raspberry pot rouge and found it melted and seeping out of it's container.  I picked it up, cleaned it up, and back to my car she goes (I'm kidding! I'm trying to be better).  Here's a few quick tips to salvage your melted cream blush or lipstick:

1.  Scoop the contents of the product from the lid or anywhere else it's melted, and place back into the makeup well. 


2.  Smooth the product into the well and clean up the rim of the case with a wet wipe. You may need to use a q-tip to make sure you clean in the cracks thoroughly. Make sure to clean around the latch as well.

3.  Place in the fridge for 24 hours next to the wine so you won't forget where you put it! And for goodness sake! Stop leaving your makeup in the car in June!