Vitamin C- The Ultimate Pretty Juice

Hello Beauties!
Let's chat skin.  Because now is the time that all my lovelies want to work on getting their glow back. Let's chat Vitamin C.

I've been asked before if I could chose one product to implement into a skincare regime where you (and most importantly, your friends) notice a change, what would it be?  And I keep going back to Vitamin C.  I'll sometimes refer to it as pretty juice.

Here's why. 

  • Free Radicals- that's anything in the environment that makes your skin ugly: pollution, smoking, radiation (UV), medication, processed foods, etc.  Vitamin C helps prevent skin damage from these dudes . 

  • Tyrosinase Inhibitor-  Vitamin C acts as a tyrosinase inhibitor (huh? what's this?).  This simply means that it blocks the production of melanin (a.k.a. sun spots, melasma, any sort of hyper-pigmentation).  We want this.  It makes are skin tone clear, even, and pretty.  Muy beueno.

There are multiple forms of vitamin C. Sometimes they can be irritating to the skin and vary in strength.  Do your homework.  The Vitamin C we carry at Blush is in a hyaluronic acid base. This means that it's less irritable on this skin.  It's also made with magnesium which the skin recognizes and therefore, can process the C more effectively.  If you're allergic to citrus, this is probably not a good option! But for everyone else, go get your pretty juice.